photo by Ola Renska

Nine Volt Motions


HENRY VEGA [ electronics ]


Nine Volt is a musical duo between Jan Willem Troost and Henry Vega who collaborate as a performer/composer relation. The project first came together to create music for dance and film while inspiring newer works that were meant for the stage. Nine Volt Motions follows a microminimal trend throughout most of the music while the interpretation Troost brings rummages through his history with folkloric, pop and modern music.

The works performed spread across the gamut of virtuosity and simplicity, each piece diving into a precise musical question and answering with a humor that is seen in the dynamics between the two performers.

Nine Volt Motions will be released as an album on ARTEksounds in 2019.

As a duo, Nine Volt Motions is a new thing, although it already has a short and sweet history. Their musical output has been featured with the Prague Chamber Ballet and in the short film Reclaiming Vision commissioned by the Oslo Munch Museum. Their new album is a spectrum that pieces together their works in dance, film and live performance demonstrating a phenomenal passion for exploration and dedication to new musical ideas and sounds.

Nine Volt Motions was made possible through the support of:

Studio Loos Munch Museum Oslo Prague Chamber Ballet