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HENRY VEGA [ music ]
SJARON MINAILO [ director ]


The Secretly Turing project is a theatrical musical performance that involves the ARTEk Ensemble performing music by Henry Vega directed by Sjaron Minaillo.

Alan Turing was a mathematician, cryptanalyst and computer scientist who worked at the secretive Bletchley Park code breaking facilities during WWII. His life is shrouded by amazing achievements and events which happened away from the public eye and have only begun to come to light since the 1990's. Achievements which have had a deep impact on our present day concerns such as ubiquitous computing, information privacy, government secrecy, same sex rights and neo-humanism.


Events from Alan Turing's life will be acted out through scenes from various current events. We will tell Turing's story by superimposing a list of current issues and crises to reveal his life in a relevant staging to what he endured as mathematician, codebreaker and homosexual.

Moments in the course of Turing's life include his monumental paper on 'computational machines'. This event will be represented by current 'drone' security technology; his sentencing as a sex offender will be represented via the Bradley Manning whistleblower drama and Turing's suicide will be interpreted as an employer at the Foxconn factory in China.


The Ensemble consists of 10 musicians. Three actors will join the stage ensemble not ignoring their presence but interacting amongst them as crowd, machines and chorus.


3 voices
2 percussion
4 cello
1 live electronics

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