1. On Handstands
2. Song For Being Alone #1
3. Song For Words Unsaid
4. Arbitrary Failures
5. Beast
6. Have Robot Dog, Will Travel
7. Residue
8. Bitter Dust
9. Ron Adams


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Composer / Vocals / Instruments / Electronics : Stephanie Pan


Have Robot Dog, Will Travel - A song cycle for the technological age. An ode to abstraction, to ambiguity, to words unsaid.

"I love chaos, I love mess, human imperfection."

Manifold musical layers move independently of each other to create a constantly moving landscape, like little creatures on their own separate paths. Have Robot Dog, Will Travel is a genre-bending mash up of sound, combining explosive vocals and lush melodies with dirty, gritty beats, noise, delicate drones and fragile landscapes. In between experimental art pop / virtuosic extended voice / noise / participatory performance, the project appropriates digital aesthetics and sensibilities within the irregular and imperfect world of the human voice and analog instruments.

It is an intimate portrait on a rich bed of chaos and noise, with an instrumentarium composed of lo-fi electronics, baby synthesizers, toys and toy instruments, found objects, an autoharp, vintage keyboards, and vocal stylings that span pop music to experimental voice to belcanto singing.

Stephanie Pan is a vocalist, performance artist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist. At the root of her work is the notion of pure communication; finding a form of contact with the audience that is stripped of social expectations and distractions, that speaks beyond the conventional and social limitations and constructs of language. A mutating combination of theater/performance art/experimental music/improvisation/controlled chaos/pop music/classical music, her work is visceral, passionate and intense, and often explores the limits of the body and voice.

PARTNERS : Stichting ARTEk, Stichting Modulus, Creative Industries Fund Netherlands and Gemeente Den Haag